Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Happy Customers is an experiential learning program built on the disciplines of maximum profitability, maximum sales efficiency and customer listening / understanding in the best way. In the program, the participants first divide into teams and start the game by establishing a company in Mantina, an imaginary dreamland.

Their goal is to enter the Mantina market and to actively market the products we will create in a product or service range that we will determine together in this market, to close the sales and to create a market for them. The ultimate goal of all companies is to increase their profitability by increasing the 150.000 Mani capital they receive, as well as to create a market share, and to be the company that finishes the activity ahead.

The main areas of study we target in this exercise

  • To create awareness on the values ​​of the establishment, operation, vision and mission of a business
  • 10 golden rules of the service industry
  • The effect of all team players fulfilling their duties and responsibilities on success
  • Ownership, teamwork, integrity and awareness of inevitability
  • Criteria for providing service to the customer with continuous and consistently high service standards
  • In addition to customer satisfaction, harmonious management techniques in commercial and business life.

Who Should Attend

Employees in sales and marketing departments, all employees and managers who sell products or services, including the production and service sector, and communicate with customers, employees and managers of all institutions, including companies, associations, universities, those who coach employees in sales departments, anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Training Content

  • Empathy and communication with the customer,
  • Providing customer satisfaction,
  • Discussion,
  • Hot sale and persuasion in sales,
  • Developing intra-team communication, teamwork,
  • Understanding the speed of the sales process and developing empathy towards the sales team.

Contents can be arranged according to corporate needs.

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