About Us

About Us

What Are We Doing?

'More is Needed for Better'

Together with our expert team and strategic solution partners, we operate as an 'Independent Solution Center' established to ensure maximum utilization of the potential by providing innovative solutions to the variable needs of our customers. Since the day we were founded, we have been providing services under 3 main headings: Consultancy, Market Research, and Training to contribute to the development of investors, institutions, and employees.

Our mission is to maximize the potential of our customers by providing innovative solutions to their changing needs.
Our vision is to be an internationally respected and trusted consulting firm, providing professional support for the success of our clients.

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About Us Why Us?

Why Us?

No matter how much it is explained, you can learn the reasons for choosing us when you get to know us.

We provide service by adhering to the principle of 'Your business is our business'
We offer solutions that will bring results in practice, not in theory
Our entire team has international experience, expertise, and strong references
We aim to provide service above customer expectations through continuous improvement
We never compromise our ethical values
We prioritize confidentiality and integrity above all else
Fast and effective communication skills
We are unique and unrivaled in creating an integrated reporting system designed according to the structure of the business

Our Values

We believe we are as successful as our customers are successful.

Passion: With our passion for what we do, we always work with high motivation and enjoyment
Creativity: We think dynamically and produce practical, rational, and creative solutions
Result Orientation: We see the big picture, set out with high goals, and keep our main goals and objectives in mind while doing our work
Customer Orientation: We analyze what critical customer demands and expectations are. We design our services and, if necessary, our way of doing business accordingly
Performance: We manage our projects in the best, most accurate, and most efficient way possible and complete them on time
Quality: We provide our customers with the highest standards of service and always try to be one step ahead of the competition with this claim
Timeliness: We closely follow sectoral developments and changes and quickly adapt them to our solutions, organization, and behaviors
Reliability: We maintain our relationships based on transparency, continuity, mutual trust, and honesty
Focus and Simplicity: We understand and anticipate real customer expectations and needs and offer lean solutions that fully meet them
Excellence: We have the human resources, knowledge, experience, and equipment that will enable us to do our job in the best way and we always maintain our claim to prepare excellent projects
About Us Our Values
Hakan Rustem
Hakan Rustem

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy), Ba (Hons) Accounting & Finance, Advanced Business Diploma

Our Founder

Business and Financial Management Specialist

Hakan Rüstem, the founding director of Rudex, was born in London in 1987. After spending his primary and secondary school years in Northern Cyprus, he spent his higher education years in London. He graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Advanced Business from Herford Regional College and in Accounting and Finance from the University of East London and then successfully completed the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams and became a Chartered Accountant.

He started his professional career in London in 2004 and worked in important positions in various accounting firms and corporate organizations operating internationally. In 2012, he returned to Northern Cyprus and provided audit, accounting, and reporting services in leading companies in our country. During his working life in Northern Cyprus, he gained experience in different sectors related to local legislation, structural disorders of businesses, and especially accounting infrastructures.

Within the scope of consultancy, he specializes in International Accounting Systems, Regulatory Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Market Research, Investment Consultancy, Training Planning, Corporate Reporting, and various software. Together with his professional strategic solution partners and strong teammates in the field, he has specialized in structuring integrated reporting systems in family companies, developing learning programs in accordance with corporate needs, and special service modeling for investor needs. He has a very strong network of human resources in Cyprus and abroad with high-level management and communication skills.