Company Formation

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Company Formation

Company Formation

The construction of a suitable corporate structure is critical to the success of local and foreign enterprises investing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Companies incorporated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are classified into various tax classes based on their operations. The form of business to be established may differ depending on the field of activity of your enterprise and your ınvestment scope. Local Limited Firms, Foreign Company Branches, Free Zone Companies, and International Business Companies are the four basic types of companies which can be created in the TRNC.

The main legislation governing companies formation in the North Cyprus is Section 113 of the Companies Law. Entrepreneurs planning to invest in the TRNC must have precise information about their legal duties in order to make informed judgments. It is vital to ensure that the company formation process runs effectively and in compliance with the law, it should be managed by firms with relevant sector experience, managerial abilities, legal and technical know-how.

How Can We Help You?

Do you wish to set up a company in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus? We can assist you in completing the steps associated with company formation in a timely and straightforward manner. Our Chartered Accountant consultants have the requisite expertise and experience with company incorporation legislation and legal processes. After selecting the most appropriate company type for business and investment purposes, they can carry out all further stages until the firm is established and running.

After the company is established, you can use our accounting, auditing, consulting, and research services if required.

Offshore (free zone) company formation in Northern Cyprus, in particular, provides significant benefits to foreign investors engaged in international trade. 

Benefits of Using Our Service

  • Management of the company incorporation process is quick and simple.
  • Savings in both money and time
  • Creating the appropriate business and investment structure
  • Our internationally recognized consultants will react to your inquiries as soon as possible
  • Service quality and trust

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