Indoor and Outdoor Experiential Training

You can learn by experiencing with indoor and outdoor activities designed specifically for the needs of your organisation.
Indoor and Outdoor Experiential Training

Indoor and Outdoor Experiential Training

Content and Methodology

The programs are carried out in a supportive, encouraging, and safe environment where fun, going out of your comfort zone and learning are experienced together, using the method of learning by experience, which is rooted in the Experiential Learning method. The method, which we can define as learning by doing and living in the simplest sense, considers the individual as a whole, not only in terms of intelligence and logic but also with his/her emotions and body. Although the entertainment aspect comes to the fore, it is used as a tool to support learning, not as an end in itself.

The programs consist of a series of activities designed around topics such as trust, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, the roles we play, etc. Many activities in our repertoire can be applied to groups of different sizes and different professional profiles. Our experts will create a program based on a preliminary study taking into account your objectives, and the exercises we suggest will be sent to you as suggestions. The common aspect of the exercises is that they are based on the method of learning by living.


The program is implemented by a team of experts in the fields of Educational Sciences, Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Guidance and experienced in the professional business world. The activities usually consist of a preliminary briefing. Implementation and sharing/evaluation (debriefing) stages.

The sharing phase is the most crucial part of the programs. The instructiveness of the experiences and the ability to carry what is learned into daily life depend on the quality of the sharing phase. Accompanied by expert training and development consultants, the sharing sessions help company employees to communicate with themselves and others in a different dimension and gain insight into emotions and behaviors.

Program Principles

The physical and emotional safety of the participants is the primary goal of all our programs. In line with this aim, we adopt the principle of voluntary participation (Challenge by Choice). While the program is designed for all participants, there is no obligation to participate if one does not feel emotionally or physically ready. There may be some who choose not to participate in part or all of any activity. This choice is respectfully accepted and supported as a natural right of the participants, without question.

In order to create a safe and supportive learning environment, we expect participants as well as our training consultants to abide by the rules of the Full Value Contract. Participants and trainers agree on the following between them.

  • Working together with conviction to realize goals.
  • Not to hurt anyone in word or deed.
  • Give and be ready to receive constructive feedback.
  • Changing negative behaviors and reinforcing positive ones with the support of others.

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