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Together with our expert team and strategic solution partners, we operate as an 'Independent Solution Center' established to provide innovative solutions to our customers' changing business needs.


You can increase your investment and corporate performance with professional support.

Rudex Consultancy


You can reach reliable information with modern research techniques.

Rudex Consultancy


You can accelerate your development by taking advantage of training programs.

Rudex Consultancy
Why Us

Why Us

'More is needed for the better'

We provide services by adhering to the principle of 'Your job is our job'
We offer solutions that will bring results in practice, not theory
All of our team has international experience, experience and strong references.
We aim to provide service on customer expectation by constantly improving
We never compromise our ethical values
We keep the principles of confidentiality and honesty above everything else.
Our fast and effective communication skills
We combine expert skills with mastery of the sociological and cultural structure of the island.

About Us


Investment Consultancy

It is now easier and faster to discover most accurate and profitable investment opportunities in Northern Cyprus. More

Investment Management

Manage your investments more easily and increase investment profitability with the support of investment managers. More

Project Management

We manage all the necessary processes from the beginning of the project to its conclusion. More

Company Formation

We make the company formation process easy for you. More

Starting a Business

We offer you a special service so that your business idea can reach its goal. More

Our Consulting Services
Our Consulting Services


Financial Accounting

Managing your accounting issues in compliance with legal regulations. More

Management Accounting

Access to in-house financial and statistical information is now easier. More


Recording payroll transactions on your behalf with highest quality and security. More


Budgeting, which is a firm's financial roadmap, is very important for the growth of businesses. More

Tax Planning

TRNC Income Tax law and tax structure have various advantages for investors and entrepreneurs. More


Independent Audit

Performance monitoring with independent auditing. More

Human Resources

The problem of human resources is an increasingly becoming complex issue to manage. More

Warehouse Inventory Management

Reduce inventory costs by solving warehouse management problems. More

Marketing Management

Marketing without data is no different than using car blindfolded. More

Corporate Governance

Are you ready to institutionalize? More

Our Consulting Services
Market Research

Market Research

In today's world where competition is at a high level, it is very important for businesses to know the market well and react to rapidly changing consumer behaviors in order to be successful.

Market research is a process that we use to follow consumer habits, needs, preferences and approach to market. Make more accurate decisions about your activities by reaching scientific data and information which often invisible without genuine market research.  

Corporational Research
Political Research
Social Research
Investment Research

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Training Services

Training Services

You can accelerate personal and corporate development with training programs.

Online Training Programs
Experiential (Outdoor) Training Programs
Corporate Training Programs

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