Starting a Business

We offer you a special service so that your business idea can reach its goal.
Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Because of its geographical features, climate, and secure environment, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been a favorite place for entrepreneurs. TRNC continues to draw investors and entrepreneurs from a wide range of countries, including Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. By integrating into the international commerce network, this strategically positioned island country has managed to maintain a prosperous economy. Aside from the real estate industry, which is expanding in value in the country on a daily basis, investment activities are increasing in tourism, education, banking, and digital industries. Local investors in Northern Cyprus can begin by forming a single proprietorship or a corporation to conduct business in the nation. For international investors, however, the situation is slightly different. In order to conduct business activity in the TRNC, investors from outside the country must create a local limited company. 

How Can We Help You? 

Entrepreneurs benefit from our knowledge in a variety of industries. We assist people wishing to establish a business in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with sector research, business plan drafting, and business development processes. We can build and develop your business idea along with the help of skilled consultants. We provide specialized assistance to entrepreneurs on a variety of issues, including studying legal responsibilities associated with the business idea and identifying financial and non-financial resources that may be required. 

Benefits of Using Our Service:

  • We accelerate and simplify your business establishment process.
  • We save you cost and time. 
  • We set up a customized system for your business idea to reach its goal. 
  • You can find a quick answer to all your questions by our internationally authorized consultants. 
  • We offer quality service in an environment of trust. 
  • We provide financial and legal consultancy services. 
  • We provide sales and marketing consultancy. 
  • We provide management and organization consultancy services.
  • We provide production planning and management support. 
  • We provide project design, planning and management consultancy. 
  • We provide support in process management and improvement.

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