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Strategic marketing starts with research.
Research & Marketing

Research & Marketing

In today's market conditions, the level of competition in businesses has increased considerably. Changing market conditions and increasing competition have accelerated the branding process of companies. In a tough competitive environment, the ability of brands and businesses to identify their target audiences and communicate with them depends on a correct advertising strategy. With effective advertising management, the product or service can be delivered to large masses.

Companies can minimize the risks they take by conducting market research before launching a product. In the process of presenting the product or service to the consumer, a detailed road map should be created on basic issues such as advertising type, campaign process, and budgeting. The correct management of the advertising strategy depends on field research. With this quantitative and qualitative research, you can determine the right target audience and budget. The research we conduct reveals the numerical values of advertising effectiveness and the target audience's insight into advertising.

The processes of measuring the effectiveness of advertising can be done in three different time periods:

1. Pre-ad (pre-test)
2. While the ad is live (inline-test)
3. After the ad is published (post-test)

The benefits of doing research on advertising are as follows:

  • Determining the effect of advertisements on consumers and sales
  • Determining which types of advertisements are more effective on which audiences and in this context, saving unnecessary advertising expenditures
  • Identifying the right timing for advertising
  • Determining whether the advertisement has achieved its purpose
  • Measuring the degree to which the brand is known and on which topics
  • Creating an advertising plan and budget directly proportional to the success

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