Our Difference in Cyprus

We know every inch of our island.
Our Difference in Cyprus

Our Difference in Cyprus

''Our fundamental difference'

The sole research philosophy of our organization is to produce meaningful information from reliably collected data. It is the distinguishing feature of our company, which also offers consultancy and training services to institutions to support their research. It provides fast and pragmatic solutions with its experienced staff in different branches of the research sector.

'Strategic planning organization'

Rudex is not just a research company, but a strategic planning organization that creates research-based solutions, provides information and analysis that simplify and quickly navigate the complex world we live in, and inspires our clients to make more analytical decisions.

As Rudex, as a creative researcher, we are moving forward knowing that we have a completely different vision outside the memorization of the sector. We leave the memorization of the sector aside, move out of our comfort zone and embrace innovation and change with all our strength by pressing the red button of our factory line. We move forward by exploring all the arguments, data, and margins of error in new-generation research with the same Copernican curiosity, and we believe that we need to be a little brave at this point. We invite everyone to press that red button.

For us, no project begins and no project ends. Each research project is an integral part of a long and broad brand journey.

'We are islanders! and we know the island inside out!'

As we can carry out holistic work, we can also offer complementary solutions specific to customer needs. We can provide logistic support in the operations of our domestic and international customers. Every customer's request is special to us. In the information age we are in, the first condition for gaining foresight and making the right decisions is to have precise and reliable information.

  • Before focusing on brand preferences, we focus on the behavior we want to change
  • We say 'your business is our business' and we walk on the same path
  • Every customer is special to us
  • Every customer's information is confidential
  • We are available for every customer at any time
  • We never compromise our ethical values
  • We have the appetite to learn in a way that disrupts the industry, we are constantly renewed
  • For us, no project begins and no project ends. Each research project is an integral part of a long and broad brand journey
  • We deliver our work at the promised time

Research is not about hearing what you know again and having it confirmed by experts!

Drawing a brand new roadmap for your brand.

''Please insist on it''

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