Yeni Nesil İleri Satış Teknikleri ve Satış Koçluğu Eğitimi

Yeni Nesil İleri Satış Teknikleri ve Satış Koçluğu Eğitimi

Yeni Nesil İleri Satış Teknikleri ve Satış Koçluğu Eğitimi

It is aimed to make the companies aware of their internal and external customers, and to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction with the right strategic methods and the right communication techniques. By participating in this training, you can increase your sales level by learning new sales techniques adapted to the modern business world.

Who Should Attend

Employees in sales and marketing departments, all employees and managers who sell products or services, including the production and service sector, and communicate with customers, employees and managers of all institutions, including companies, associations, universities, those who coach employees in sales departments, anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Training Content

  • Holistic Models in Sales Understanding
  •  Developing Customer Focused Management and Sales Approach
  •  Customer Focus and Effective Customer Communication
  •  Communication Levels Analysis
  •  Basic Conditions for Customer-Focused Approaches
  • Measuring Customer Value - Grid Method
  • Reflecting the Corporate Culture to the Customer
  • Performance Analysis of Continuous and Loyal Customers
  • Developing Loyalty Relationships with Customers
  •  Dealing with Customer Objections and Barriers
  •  Effortless Ways to Communicate with Difficult Customers
  •  Making a Difference in Sales and Innovative Methods
  • Professional Sales Approach and Psychological Expectations
  •  Effectiveness of Numerical Data in Sales Presentations
  • Identifying Deficiencies in Our Sales Behaviors with Sales Inventory - Practice
  • Key Characteristics of a Professional Salesperson
  •  Duties and Responsibilities for Sales Effectiveness
  • Determining Our Sales Style and Effective Selling Styles - Implementation
  •  Customer Profile Analysis and Different Purchasing Reasons
  • Increasing Sales Performance
  •  Persuasion Techniques in Professional Sales
  • Confidence and Dealing with Fears in Sales Communication
  • Importance of Feedback in Sales and Effective Reporting Techniques
  • CRM in Sales - Customer relationship management

Content can be updated as needed.

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